Innovation’s impact in today’s Society

Innovation is disrupting every segment of today’s society forcing corporations, small businesses , organizations, universities and government entities to be pro-active or quickly react to modern practices, consumer expectations, competitive pressure and new ways to conduct business in the 21st Century.

Today Innovation is also a required, integral component for large organizations and higher education institutions to mine ideas from staff, members, students and faculty.

Introducing FastTrak 21st Century Innovation

Three Critical Success Factors

1. Executive Buy-In.  They must be vocal, active and engaged in the process, or the Innovation strategy will not work.   This starts at the Entry Point – The C-Suite, division or business unit.   Many want to start small and prove the program before going “big.”

2. Comprehensive Strategy.   The Corporate Foundry Innovation Program architecture is modular and can be tailored to large and small corporations, and within each at the division or business unit.  This mandates that each program be tailored.  The tailoring requirement also engages “Buy-In,” at the engagement level, which is essential to the execution of the Program.

3. Managing the ideas submitted.    If they submit… must commit!   If you don’t they will never submit another idea, but today’s technology is the modern version of a traditional “Grapevine” on steroids.   External submissions also run the exposure of social media dishing – a more powerful voice than in the past.

21st Century Challenge

21st Century Solutions