21st Century Innovation Program for Corporations

Innovation is disrupting every segment of today’s society forcing corporations, small businesses, organizations, universities and government entities to be pro-active or quickly react to modern practices, consumer expectations, competitive pressure and new ways to conduct business in the 21st Century.

Introducing 21st Century Innovation

Three Critical Success Factors to Corporate Innovation

Today's Innovation Challenge

Corporate innovation is not new.  Young companies, like Google and Apple, created with a culture of innovation,  have quickly evolved into powerful forces in today's Fortune 100.  Companies are facing disruption in every market from competitors who were not even on their radar 5 years ago.    Time to react is in months,  as well as entering new market niches to gain first mover advantages.    Established companies who have tried some of the big 4 innovation solutions of the past, must re-think every aspect of their current markets and new "go-to-market" strategies.     (more)

Corporate Foundry Market Position

The Corporate Foundry Innovation Mission is to accelerate and manage the flow of Ideas within the corporation. This process builds the queue for commercializing new products and services, as well as creating new process and supply chain efficiencies.  (more)

CF Mission Photo

Corporate Foundry Solution Suite

Corporate Foundry 21st Century FastTRAK Innovation solution suite consists of the following Programs and Platforms combined to keep the flow of innovative IDEAS flowing to critical corporate groups charged with mining and nurturing the ideas.  (more)

Blueprint for Innovation Success

In addition to programs and tech platforms, Corporate Foundry, our affiliates and Microsoft Tier 1 Partners,  provide a Suite of Services tailored to install the FastTRAK components with designated in-house client teams.  We integrate with inhouse Innovation Teams to integrate selected FastTRAK components and long term... change the culture   (more

i-LAB Blue Print -photo-II

Collaborative Innovation - the Big Picture World View

Corporate Foundry believes mining and capturing IDEAS is a vital process in today's Corporate Innovation Strategy.   It is, however, critical corporations reach beyond their firewalls and tap the resources from the open 360 entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as the digital corporate innovation network.     For some corporations,  it is vital they extend their reach to customers to insure they stay engaged.   Corporate Foundry and our affiliated companies extend the corporate digital world of innovation.  The centerpiece of that strategy is i-Innovate our Innovation Match Network  We are eager to share this world view with you in the following Video.   

Innovation Match Market Diagram

Get Started

Step one is to begin the evaluation process and fully map out a plan to integrate Corporate Foundry FastTRAK innovation components in the existing Corporate innovation strategy.   Contact us to schedule a consultation or FastTRAK demo