Corporate Foundry partners with member organizations who want to connect to the Innovation ecosystem and companies providing products and services for the Corporate Innovation industry.

Retail Electronic Visions, Inc.  (ReV)

ReV is a  Match (MAAS)  networking community developer since 1998,      There GEN 3.0 platform uses the Microsoft Azure cloud-based platform.   The ReV Match Platform Architecture disrupts today's member community portals. This disruption is based on the belief that "People know what they WANT and WHEN they want it better than anyone else." And, by providing them with a platform that simply enables them to "Post" these conditions - then the platform can take-over the heavy lifting 24/7 to find resources the meet the exact requirements specified.  Match is the new Search.

ReV white labels their platform tailored to "birds-of-a-feather markets who want to "connect" with each other based on their unique "need or want."   ReV creates a Joint Venture with "Market Makers" to drive each new market adoption.   Platforms are tailored to accommodate up to three distince member types, match criteria, firewall screening to block unwanted solicitations, follows and a back office GUI to file and disseminate matches to colleagues.  (more)



The Ritz Group 

Where creativity Meets Capital.   The Ritz Group is a 33 year old non-profit headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with over 3,700 members focused on connecting entrepreneurs with private equity capital resources.   Monthly networking meetings and the main Shark Attack event has screened over 1,000 pitch candidates, featured over 150 companies and 70 ICON Sharks.   

The Ritz Group and Shark Attack is oriented around vertical markets (Wellness, Blockchain, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Veterans, Cyber Security and Women).    Monthly Angel Club luncheons focus on the cities "hot topics" and "deal flow." 

Ritz Group is the home of the Capital Drill a new model for creating and managing a private shareholder company.   Ritz Group is the home for the for-profit Ritz Crypto,  a security-Fased token (RZE) front-end for a Georgia-based seed and series A pool of companies.  (more)



Fountainhead Consulting

Fountainhead, based in Atlanta, is a leader in providing Innovation consulting for corporations and businesses.  They partnered with Corporate Foundry to in the development of a comprehensive 21st Century FastTrak Innovation Program and the Innovation Academy. They both show how to apply game changing innovation to an organization.    Fountainhead shows companies how to weave innovation into the very fabric of their entire organization!  (more)


Institute for Innovation Development



The Innovation Institute provides an Innovation collaborative social media-based community that provides content and expertise related to today’s innovation trends. The Innovation Institute is your one-stop for resources, blogging, and expertise in the Innovation marketplace.  (more)






ProArch is a Microsoft tier one service provider Azure cloud-based services.   Since 2006, ProArch (pro•ark) has been an emerging leader in Advisory and Software Development solutions. ProArch is your strategic partner providing a team extension approach to your Enterprise Application, Mobile App, Security, and Microsoft Consulting needs. We have a strong and diverse team of Architects, Project Managers, Business Analysts and Engineers; each with a keen knowledge of the Cloud and its potential.  (more)




Brite Idea Lab, Inc.

Brite Idea Lab, Inc., is a joint venture providing an open public-facing Match Market platform connecting entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs, corporations, organizations and service providers.   Corporate Members create their profile and their Match Criteria on Brite Idea Labs stating their Match needs/wants and/or haves to be machine matched to other members in the OPEN 360 environment specifying the same or similar criteria.  (more)