Implementation Blueprint


Fractional CINO Program

The Corporate Foundry Fractional CINO Program provides small to large corporations with an executive expert in creating and maintaining a corporate Innovation Program.

The Corporate Innovation Business Process

Step 1.    The Interview.  Corporate Foundry has multiple Fractional CINO qualified candidates.  Mission #1 is to insure our selection is compatible with the client innovation leadership team.

Step 2.    The proposal and 1099 Engagement.  A follow-on to the Fractional CINO interview is a formal Statement of Work (SOW) covering the proposed service offerings.

Step 3.    Mission Definition.  The Fractional CINO will conduct a series of C-Suite Interviews to document the Innovation history and experience (good and bad), as well as to define the expectations and mission of a NEW formal Innovation Program.

Step 4.    Program Development.   The Fractional CINO will architect a custom INNOVATION PROGRAM using best practices, programs and technologies from the Corporate Innovation marketplace.  The custom Innovation Program will address  the following five (5) critical Innovation Program components.   They customized or each corporate client.  They are defined as follows…


Mining ideas from employees, affiliates and from the external entrepreneurial marketplace is an essential component to drive successful process improvements and proactive/reactive marketplace strategies.     Innovation mining  includes all aspects of Innovation program development, internal announcements, web collateral, campaigns to drive adoption and employee rewards.   Mission #1.   Prime the pump to drive the flow of innovation Ideas.


Step 5.   Plan Development - to include Budget.   The milestone launch plan and budget are created once the fractional CINO completes the client Corporate Innovation Program.

Step 6.   Approval.   The fractional CINO presents the proposed Innovation Program to the client C-Suite to discuss issues and gain next stage approvals.

Step 7.    Innovation Program Launch.   Based on Executive approval of the Innovation Program and Launch plan the formal client Innovation Program begins.

Step 8.    Innovation Program Quarterly Reporting.  Every quarter the Fractional CINO will file a written report on the Innovation Analytics,  along with plans and programs for the next quarter.

Fractional CINO Tool Kit

The Fractional CINO creates a “custom” Innovation Program for each corporate client using the business process defined above.  Based on the discovery during this process, the CINO will choose the “best-of-breed” tools,  to include what is already in place with the client, along with what is available in the open marketplace.  

In addition, Corporate Foundry has set of innovation tools, programs and technology that the Fractional CINO can choose.  They are as follows:

1    Website Templates.  The voice of the CINO and the Innovation program is captured through an internal employee website devoted to innovation,  or multiple web-page/s on the existing internal company website.

2    Campaign Awards Platform.  Once the campaigns are created, hosting them online, along with the submitting nominations, employee voting and judges who will select the winners.  The Awards Platform will chronicle the total cycle from campaign launch to the awards ceremony.  The goal is to showcase the candidates and the winners.     

3    Two Internal Innovation Idea Mining Platforms.   Corporate Foundry provides two  technology platforms designed to manage the mining of ideas from internal employees and/or affiliates.   The ideas are submitted to trained innovation authorities (IA’s) who reject, incubate or disseminate the best ideas throughout the corporation.   i-Lab provides an internal platform hosted behind the corporate firewall.   i-LAB 365 provides small to large corporations with secured co-hosting on a Microsoft Azure cloud based platform.  I-Lab 365 significantly reduces the cost of hosting the idea pipeline mining operation.

4    Digital Connect to the Outside World.   The goal is to digitally connect the corporation to both the Corporate Innovation Market Place and to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.    Brite Idea Lab enables corporations to profile on the Entrepreneur Match Market to capture new technologies or early stage companies.   I-Innovate enables corporations to profile on the C-Suite Corporate Innovation Match Market to find resources and expertise in corporate innovation.   

5    Executive and Employee Innovation Training.   “Innovation Academy” addresses the “culture change” objective within a corporation and “Throw them in the Tank” is a program/event to immerse executives into the entrepreneurial world.

6.    Celebrity Innovation Events. “Celebrity Shark Attack,” featuring Kevin Herrington and other Sharks from ABC’s Shark Tank,  is an offering for a corporate-wide grand innovation celebration.  Other “Shark Attack” events are produced to showcase a wide variety of innovation campaigns.