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Managing the Innovation Flow

At the heart of the FastTRAK 21st Century Innovation Solution Suite is the I-LAB pipeline management platform tailored for each company to capture and manage the flow of IDEAS from employees and affiliates serving on the front lines.  I-LAB is the digital backbone and infrastructure to "connect" the internal innovation ecosystem.  It's unique architecture is specifically designed to Manage the Innovation flow throughout every employee and department within the corporation.  


Platform i-Lab

i-LAB MAAS (Match-As-A-Service) community is hosted on the Microsoft cloud-based Azure servers employing mandatory security requirements into every phase of the development process complying with the rigorous security guidelines laid out in the Operational Security Assurance (OSA) process.  The production i-LAB  is installed on the client's in-house or secured cloud servers.

i-LAB implementation is designed to provide a tailored  “MATCH” experience for all employees and corporate profile members.   The system can Match profile to profile, profile to sub-profile (Ideas) or any combination.      These and more exclusive features are defined as follows:




Match is the new Search.  Your exclusive Match Concierge is always at your fingertips to let you know the STATUS  of your automatic Match Criteria candidate set.

i-LAB enables employees to MATCH with other employees and corporate resources based on matching Keywords with Keywords,  Needs/Wants to Corporate Resources (Can Provide) and Categories to Categories – with multiple combinations.  Weighting allows you to control the order match candidates are delivered.   Each i-LAB client configures their Match preferences as a part of their i-LAB set-up.

The Match Status pop-up enable members to change their Match Selection status and see immediately their NEW Match results (more or less candidates).    With one clicks turn on/off  your Match Status – see results (more or less candidates).   Continue this process until you have the optimum workable candidate set of Matches.




Three unique Profiles.  Most communities and portals are based on “one size profile fits all.”    Not with i-LAB.   There are actually 3 unique profiles designed to serve employees (creators and evaluators), Industry Group Leaders (IGL's) and corporate resource departments.   Industry Group Leaders manage the flow of Ideas from employees and teams, plus the dissemination of Ideas to Campaigns and Corporate Departments.

Each profile has descriptive fields, e-BIZ card contacts and Match Criteria.  Descriptive fields can be turned on/off designed to fully showcase the profile owner with video, text and photos.'   More importantly, employees create one master profile and then add an unlimited number of s IDEAS or business ventures



Back Office GUI.   The Member Back Office Dashboard is where members work their message Inbox containing Machine Matches, Member generated Submissions, plus Follow message (requests, grants & revokes).

The i-LAB  match Dashboard follows the Microsoft Outlook GUI format enabling members to create folders to drop & drab matches, submissions and follow messages to colleagues, trash, or email.

The mission and vision of the i-LAB back office is to enable members to manage their portfolio of machine AI generated Matches.




Crowd Cheering (Voting).   Just how good is my idea?   Now you can find out!    You can also show others your 1-5 star votes, and optionally display comments on your Match Profile.   This recognizes in the corporate world engaged employees are either creative or evaluative.   Both are profiled and participate in i-LAB.

Support for ideas is key for building a proof-of-principle.   i-LAB provides this through Crowd Cheering and Follows.

Employee and affiliate voting can be tendered two ways.   First, via standard mobile Txt voting and second, via a mobile APP.   The Lab Rat Mobile APP provides an Android and Apple mobile interface enabling users to Vote (1 to 5 Stars) and Comment on  Ideas or Project Team ventures.

The Crowd-Cheering feature provides each Sub-Profile Idea with a unique ID that can be used in presentations,  displayed on digital collateral, or promoted via social media to other employees.




IA, Team and Campaign Showcases.    IA's (Innovation Authorities)  have the option to showcase  4 Project teams to recognize their efforts, but also to gain votes from employees.    The project team showcase feature enables each IA to post a photo, description and hyperlink to their i-LAB idea profile page.  Employees can also submit their IDEA to a Company Campaign to be judged and win Awards.   The TOP 4 Ideas/Projects are posted for Employee Crowd Cheering and Company Judges to Vote and select the Campaign winner.





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