Implementation Blueprint


A Blueprint for Making the Culture of Innovation a Reality

Corporate Foundry provides a BLUEPRINT for seamlessly integrating our I-LAB team into the existing Corporate Innovation Team, or for smaller corporations,  a turn key approach with our Fractional CINO services.   (more)

Our goal in both scenarios is to tailor a focused solution designed to generate and cultivate Ideas throughout the organization, combined with a leading-edge solution suite centered around the I-LAB platform.    Together... "We make Innovation happen."


To ignite innovation within any organization,  an overall PLAN must be defined which identifies "HOW" the FastTRAK innovation strategy will be deployed within each company.     This recognized every company is unique.    Some corporations are “all over innovation” while others are “a deer in the headlights.”     The mission is to define a specific innovation strategy and the areas to focus given where the company is today.

When this is coupled with the establishment of a culture of innovation, this results in the creation of an entire “innovation ecosystem” within a company that positions the company to become a market leader or address potential market threats.

Innovation is NOT one size fits all.. or just one platform... or a service.   It is a combination of all of the above, but tailored and customized using a modern blueprint designed for  21st Century Innovation.

21st Centry FastTRAK Blueprint for Corporate Innovation Succes

i-LAB Blue Print -photo-II

Example Scenario

The Team

THE INNOVATION TEAM:    Innovation must be driven from the C-Suite or CINO organization and lead by an "in-house" TEAM created to define both in-house and external resources required to implement the innovation program. Corporate Foundry is an integral participant in this team.

Planning Session
Game Plan
On Going Plan