FastTRAK Innovation


A Tailored Combination of Programs and Technology Platforms

Today's solution to Corporate Innovation is not ONE product, one group, one platform or "silver bullet."   It is the combination.   FastTRAK Innovation provides an Innovation SOLUTION SUITE comprised of specially designed and customized products, programs and platforms tailored for each corporation. 



Solution Suite


Managing the Pipeline of Ideas.  A white-label internal innovation platform to manage a corporation’s flow of innovation ideas from the trenches (employees, suppliers & affiliates) to Innovation Authorities (IA’s) who incubate and disseminate ideas to R&D, M&A, Biz Dev, Innovation Master Mind Groups, plus external Innovation labs and foundry/s.

i-LAB is the CINO’s infrastructure innovation management platform.  i-LAB and 21st Century Innovation products and services stimulate the flow of ideas, captures internal critiques, rewards employees, plus track dissemination of each idea submitted.  More importantly, i-LAB Analytics measure the program results from womb to tomb.

 i-LAB Lite provides smaller Corporations the opportunity to manage the flow of innovation from employees and affiliates within their corporation.   Lite is a generic corporation i-LAB Match platform providing all of the same features as i-Lab, but hosted outside of the corporate firewall on the secure Microsoft cloud.    i-LAB Lite provides members with an a-la-Carte on-ramp to Innovation by enabling them to add FastTRAK innovation programs and services as needed.   They can upgrade to an in-house version providing custom branding and more tailored options.



The digital "Voice" of Corporate Innovation.   Each FastTRAK client will have their own internal Innovation Website dealing exclusively with the corporation's INNOVATION program.   The innovation website is the VOICE of the Innovation Program.  It is where corporations showcase the CINO management team, corporate resources, programs and employees who are making a difference.   This is where Campaigns are launched and winners recognized.   The Innovation website captures and drives the Innovation program participation.






Honoring the contributors.    The Campaign Awards Platform is an extension of the website devoted to hosting each of the campaigns to engage the employees to participate, showcase the awards and also recognize the winners.  The Awards platform features the Judges for each campaign and sets-up the rules for judging.  It enables employees to VOTE on the finalists for each campaign.  It enables IA's and Project teams to post their entries to include links to their i-LAB profiles for more details.  The focus of the Awards Platform is on professional Contest Management.    Contests drive the innovation inspiration and submission of ideas, as well as project team thinking.    Idea submission is the fuel driving the modern innovation program.






Changing the corporate culture.   As a companion to the FastTRAK Innovation programs and platforms - Innovation Training plays a key supporting role in changing the corporate culture.   The FastTRAK Innovation Academy addresses three critical components.  They are the Executive, the Innovation Authorities (IA's) and the employee Innovation Training 

The Executive program options include workshops "Throw-Them-In-The-Tank" to celebrity Shark Attack.

Boot Camp for Innovation  Authorities trains IA's how to manage the receipt of IDEAS from employees, mentor, form teams, plus engage and disseminate projects to other downstream departments.  This is the first point of engagement within the FastTRAK program and by most accounts - the most effective and important component leading to adoption and success.

The Innovation Academy for Employees is a result of working with over 1,200 companies during the past 17 years.  It is an intensive two-day, hands-on program that instills an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation Skill Set within an organization’s personnel.   This program is designed to turn a company’s staff into a fountainhead of innovation for the enterprise.   The reason this training is critical is that unfortunately people just don’t think in terms of innovation unless they are specifically taught and guided how to do so.  (learn more)


Connecting to the entrepreneur ecosystem.   Brite Idea Lab is an open 360 portal to connect the entrepreneur ecosystem to Corporate America.    Brite Idea Lab is a public-facing Match Market platform connecting entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs, corporations, organizations and service providers.   Corporate departments and IA's create profiles stating their Match needs, wants and/or haves to be machine matched to other Brite Idea Lab members specifying the same or similar criteria.

Members can create unique match criteria for multiple ideas, track followers and display crowd cheering results.  Dashboards deliver automatic machine matches, member-to-member submissions and follow grants enabling members to file and disseminate matches to colleagues.

Brite Idea Lab is the technology infrastructure connecting local and global entrepreneur ecosystems based on matching NEEDS.    From the corporate perspective, this is the venue to find technology components, third-party resources, talent, potential start-up ventures, strategic partners, as well as early-stage investment opportunities.


Connecting to C-Suite Innovation resources.   i-Innovate enables corporations to “connect” with organizations, industry experts, consultants, product and service providers engaged in the corporate C-Suite innovation market.    Members add their Match Criteria based on “needs, wants, interests, or products/services” they want to sell or promote in the Innovation space.

Machine matches and member submissions are automatically provided to members through their Innovation Match Market back-office dashboard.   Members can file matches and/or disseminate Machine Matches and submissions to other members.

Standard API’s are used to facilitate common sign-on for all match portals, as well as eliminate redundant data entry.